„Home, sweet home!“

After many weeks of being on the road, I have finally arrived home to my wonderful family, 8 loads of dirty laundry to wash, and a full „in box“!!!

The Stampin‘ Up Convention in Brüssels was a really a fun trip with some terrific creative colleagues, a ton of of new ideas and inspiration to process over the next few months.

Here are a few fun photos of my convention roomies !

Convention Brussels Roomates 1

Ingrid, Tanja, Marcus, Rebecca and Melanie! Thanks for making my trip such a memorable one! (And for putting up with me rehearsing for my up-coming concert in the bathroom! :-D)

Convention Brussels Roomates 2

Checking out Brussels on foot!

Convention Brussels Roomates 4


dConvention Brussels Roomates 5

Returning to our apartment at the Opera Residence from a long day of swaping!

Convention Brussels Roomates 6

Convention Brussels Roomates 8

Thanks everyone!!! Looking forward to next year!!

Have a nice evening!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“