„Re-loved“ Desk Caddy by Stempelwalküre

Re-Loved Desk Caddy Stempelwalküre

After making a tuna salad for lunch, I was washing up and was rinsing out the cans of tuna, peas, and corn to put them in the recycling bin. My trash bin was a little full, well let us say, „slightly“ over-flowing (to put it mildly :-O). Sooo… I just washed the cans out and let them dry on the kitchen counter.

Re-Loved Desk Caddy5 Stempelwalküre

The next day I decided to make chili for lunch, and yet another can sat on my counter „waiting“ to be thrown out…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy8 Stempelwalküre

I removed the paper labels unconsciously as I spoke to my girlfriend on the phone …

IRe-Loved Desk Caddy7 Stempelwalküre

I picked, picked and picked some more at the stringy glue until it stuck no more…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy6 Stempelwalküre

All of a sudden.these small silver aluminum cans started to look pretty interesting..hmmm….

Re-Loved Desk Caddy5 Stempelwalküre

After all, I had invested already 10 whole minutes cleaning them…I couldn’t just discard them, now could I ?😀

Re-Loved Desk Caddy3 Stempelwalküre

Well, instead of landing in the garage with the other recyclable stuff, these little silver beauties did finally end up on the my craft table!

Re-Loved Desk Caddy Stempelwalküre

Within minutes they were dressed in some gorgeous design paper and adorned with ribbons…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy2 Stempelwalküre

I decided to attach them together with Velcro and have found a prominent place on my desk!

What pleasure it is to find a way to re-love items which you have just laying around your house! YAY! Creativity is in the air! My dear friend Maggie Quack has also some beautiful re-loved items for school kids on her blog this month. Take a peek maggiequack.de

Hope you have a nice day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Foxy – Fold Up Desk Calender Card by Stempelwalküre

Fox Calender Stempelwalküre 1

Here is a cute mini-gift idea! Sometimes I just use it as a birthday card or anniversary card and circle the birthdate or anniversary of the recipient, and other times I attach a full mini calender for a school-start or to welcome a new year!

Fox Calender Stempelwalküre 1a

I made a number of these this summer to give to my friends. I keep this tiny desk calender directly next to the telephone to keep an eye on my dates and to jot down any telephone number or note to myself!

Fox Calender Stempelwalküre 1b

The special feature of this gift is that it is in the form of an easel card and can be folded down to the size of an A6 card and be send in a regular size envelope to suprise friends with a little gift in their mailbox!😀

I think it will cost a bit more postage, but really worth the smile it will provoke!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

Fancy fold Happy B-day Stempelwalküre 1g

Here is a birthday card which I made for a girlfriend this summer.

It is always fun to make a special card for a creative friend. They seem to really appreciate all the little details and finer brush stokes.😀

Fancy fold Happy B-day Stempelwalküre 1e

As I looked at the finished card from above, I considered putting a little vase with a rose in the middle of the card. (But then I decided it might be a little overkill :-D)

Fancy fold Happy B-day Stempelwalküre 1d

I love this type of card with all of the possibilities!

Fancy fold Happy B-day Stempelwalküre 1a

I have just recieved a box filled with the new Stampin‘ Up Autumn-Winter catalogues😀, beautiful design paper, new punches, embellishments and holiday stamp sets… all very exciting, but I am not ready for snowmen and pine cones just yet!!! I am still enjoying the sunny weather, blooming flowers and sandy beach feelings. I am sure that the fall feeling will come as soon as I unpack the box and get my hands on the new stash. Until then, I will be soaking up the last days of summer!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Wedding Anniversary Card with simple water-color technique!

Bee Card Stempelwalküre 1

Just a little stamping ink and water…

Bee Card Stempelwalküre 1a

a little soft water coloring technique and a piece of scrap design paper…

Bee Card Stempelwalküre 1b

Ta – taaaam, finished!

Having a great time this summer playing with my markers and different techniques using water and ink!  More experiments to come…

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Happy Birthday Card!

16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1

Here is another fancy fold card.  There are so many great variations of this kind of card, that I never get tired of trying new cuts and folds.

16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1g16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1e

They are not so hard to make at all and lots of fun to decorate! There are so many panels to fill with decorations, embellishments and even some photos if you like. These make a great gift, all by themselves.

16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1b

Try putting 2 or 3  together for a cute mini album!

16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1d

16. Birthday fancy fold Stempelwalküre 1a

Hope you like my project. Keep an eye out for my upcoming workshop schedule!

Have a lovely day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Stamping on DSP!

Hummingbird Card Stempelwalküre 1c

Why not make it easy on yourself and stamp directly onto design paper?

Hummingbird Card Stempelwalküre 1a

I sometimes forget how many options there are with stamping…I will definitely put this back on the top of my creativity list!!

Hummingbird Card Stempelwalküre 1

Hope you like my idea today…wishing all of you a wonderful day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


Quick card with Stampin‘ Up!

Dragonfly card Stempelwalküre 1b

Here is just a quick card I made with a sweet dragon fly image, a little colorful „grunge“

and a short sentiment. Finished!!!

Dragonfly card Stempelwalküre 1a

The dark DSP is the a heavy weight cardstock DSP which is retired. Actually, looming on the other side is a xmas design!😀 That is the beauty of double-sided cardstock! Mostly I choose and fall in love with my DSP because of that one special design on one side of my DSP, but after I have bought it, I check out that „other“ side and often find just the right look for another project, and fall in love all over again!

Dragonfly card Stempelwalküre 1

On most of Stampin‘ Up’s DSP, one side has a larger repeated image and the otherside a matching smaller graphic design.

My tip: Don’t forget to study the „other“ side of your DSP and open up a whole new world of creative ideas for yourself!

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“