One-Page Mini-Album


Here is a mini-album made of one piece of decorated 12×12 cardstock!  I got this idea from a swap last November in Düsseldorf with my „Crazy stampin‘ friends“! The original was a birthday album which was demonstrated at one our late night stampin‘ parties.

This is my take on my friend Sabrina’s idea!


I used this fabulous background stamp to create the cover!



I stamped the background stamp again in a new color and cut out the part I wanted to use as a separate sentiment. This stamp offers sooo many options!  I adore it!


Magnets are great closures…so clean and easy.( and I especially like that click sound when they close :-D)


This album folds open in so many directions, which gives one room for lots of different photos or other memories.


12 different spaces to decorate how you like…


This also gave me a chance to use all of the beautiful design papers that I have been hoarding since I received the new holiday catalogue. YAY!


Hope you liked my project… it was easy and fun to make. I will ask my friend if she does not mind if I share the instructions…

Have a good weekend!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Summer Scrap Albums


Here are the albums I made and planned to place my summer vacation photos!summer-mini-album-8

I even put the year on the front…mostly to motivate myself to get the pictures actually into the album before I have to peel off the 6 and exchange it for a 7 (or even an 8 :-O !!!) I know that this has NEVER happen to you!😀


After making the second album, I thought that I might have set my goals a little too high and decided not to put a date on it.  Then I decided, I might even be a good present  for someone else to fill with their vacation photos after sorting them cafefully, making all of the decisions which ones to print and then extract from the camera, cellphone and computer. Phew…sounds like alot of work! Hmmmm!


Well, after doing all this work for that very LAZY person who will be very lucky to receive this gift… who probably won’t even find the time to sort their photos, let alone, actually print them out.  I am starting to feel frustrated thinking of that horrible person, who MIGHT receive this lovely little album as a gift… who will never fully appreciate how much work went into creating it! Hrrmpf!!!

(By the way, hrmpf, this is an XXL „Triple Tri-fold Card“ hrrmpf , just in case you wanted to know…hrrmpf!)summer-mini-album-5

See…I even started to decorate it…all this lazy person has to do is put some photos in it!!!


I mean…really! How hard is it to print out just a few pictures of the people and places you love the most, great beaches, and beautiful sunsets, ??? Huh?


How hard is it to just sit down for a hour and print out a few photos???summer-mini-album-8


WELL, if nobody is REALLY going to use these cute, handcrafted albums (hrrrrmpf!), then I will just KEEP THEM MYSELF! Maybe I will just put them away in my drawer with all of the rest of my workshop samples which I keep to make „other“ people feel guilty for not getting „their“ pictures off „their“ devices and onto the pages of a lovely album full of personal memories to share for years to come! (Just in case you want to quote me.) (soft giggle)

Well then…so be it! Let them EAT CAKE! (oh, cake…what a good idea!)

Ok folks, I’m only kidding… but I am sure that you get my drift!😀

Have a great Monday!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Tri-fold Card with Matching Gift Box


I made this floral card and matching box for a family member’s birthday recently.


This box has been made with a durable hinge which is constructed using a ribbon instead of paper. It makes the box better to open and close more often without wearing it out.


I did put a little message on the back of the card and not on the front, so that it could be nicely displayed.

matching-box-and-card-8 matching-box-and-card-7

I was especially happy, as not only the gift was very well received, but the box and matching card as well!  Nice to have your work appreciated!😀

matching-box-and-card-6   matching-box-and-card-4

I hope you like my project today!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Clearance Rack


Tolle Produkte bis zum 60% reduziert!

Schau mal oben unter der Rubrick… „Specials & Angebote“/ Clearance Rack/ Ausverkaufsecke!!!

Alle Produkte nur so lange der Vorrat reicht!

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!

Meine nächste Sammelbestellung geht heute abend raus!

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Liebe Grüße,

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Address Books and Stampin‘ Up Catalogue Launch Cafe´


These little pocket address books are cute little re-loved items which I have salvaged from the back of the ugly plastic covered calenders you get as a present every year from your bank or local businesses. After the year is over, and the poor little un-used calender is discarded, you can still remove the little address book and jazz it up, just for fun!


Of course in the age of smart phones, many of us do not use an address book as frequently. I do find one useful to keep things a little orderly which I do not want to type into my phone, like my son’s school friends and PTA commitee members contact information. I even have a book with my old pen pals, and people I write letters to more frequently via snail mail!


I  have one little book with family information in my night table, just in case!  I think it is a cute way to keep my addresses and looks nice sitting on my desk! I guess what I am saying is that I am a wee bit old fashioned…so be it!

Have a nice stress-free weekend!

Just a reminder: Tommorrow at 15:00-17:30 is my Catalogue Launch Cafe“ send me a quick email if you want to stop by and I will put on another fresh pot of coffee!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

Team Swaps- Summer Mini Album!

Fish Leporello8 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

Swaps, swaps and more swaps!

Here are my little summer mini-albums…

Fish Leporello 10 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

I have so many team swaps to make this month that I decided to make them all at once for my downline team, my upline team and for my stampin‘ sisters and cousins in other lines which meet regularly…just because!!!!

Fish Leporello7 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016Fish Leporello3 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016Fish Leporello4 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

I just made these very small, with only one sheet of very vanilla for the pages. BUT, if you choose, you can add another 1/2 of a sheet and give yourself another 6 areas to put more pictures and journaling!

Fish Leporello9 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

It could really be quite big if you like…my album is 3,5″ x 3,5″ but you could easily make a  6″x6″ with 12 x 12 paper! Only requirement is that it is square!

Fish Leporello 5 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016Fish Leporello 6 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

I used the water-color techniques which I had used this summer on vacation to make my own postcards. Today I will share some of these techniques using acrylic blocks and embossing folders with my Stampin‘ sisters at a team meeting at Maggies‘ house!  Looking forward to a very nice (hot) afternoon!Fish Leporello8 Stempelwalküre Swap 2016

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“