MDS !!! „Hamburger Layout“

Melbourne Beach 04-14-001OOOOOh-KAY! It only took me 20 hours of trying to download my MDS  (My Digtal Studio) program before I realised that I was too far away from my router to have a reasonable download speed.  Then after 2 more fruitless attemps and the following 2 tantrums, I moved from my laptop to our family computer (located closer to the internet router) where it took only 3 hours to download.  Then after I stopped cursing, kicking and stamping my feet, I very stubbornly transfered all of my downloaded material onto a USB stick and ran back to my beloved little laptop and installed it there in a matter of minutes (much to my husbands amusement!) I am sure that he was already aware of the fact that my „beloved little laptop“ or „Netbook“  with its 10 inch screen was not going to be sufficient to see all of the different options available nor be big enough to work on.( 😀  §($!(„=(&(§/!!!!!) Not only that, but all of a sudden it became tremendously slow, so that I had to wait 3 minutes between each command before I could go on to the next step. Soooo I was forced to go back to the „BIG“ PC to try out my new program.  Although it was frustrating waiting for this machine to do as it was told,(much like dealing with a teenager) I did have time (20 or more hours to be exact) to check out the numerous Stampin‘ Up „How to“ videos for MDS. Which I must say, were very helpful, once I got started.  I checked out all videos for beginners, after resigning myself to the fact that I was truly a beginner and would not be using the turbo-crafting tempo I am accustommed to using. As I was having my first frustrating confrontations with the „BIG“ PC which I am also not used to using, I found myself screaming at the screen about how I could make a dozen scrapbook pages in the time it has taken me to choose one picture and a background paper for my stUUUUUpid project!

Needless to say, I had to just get over myself! I began to have fun as I was looking through all of the wonderful (and familiar 😀 ) stamps, punches and embellishments not to mention the zillions of other features.  I knew that I was home free the moment that I stumbled across my most favorite SU stamps from the  Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set! All of a sudden the „BIG“ PC was my friend as I saw that I could make all of the great projects and if I do not like something I created, I could just click the „Undo“ button in the upper right corner and PRESTO!!! it vanishes from my project as if it had never happened! So here is my first attempt, It is called „Hamburger“, I know that it is a strange name for this scrapbook layout, but as the MDS program asked me before I began my project to give my project a name, I thought I would be using another picture.  (one of a big, fat, juicy hamburger, of course!)  As I got into my project, I decided to use another photo, and tried everything to change the name of the layout, but I could not figure out how to do it. So my first MDS scrapbook page will remain for all eternity my „Hamburger Layout“!