Oh my gosh! I  I am soooo ready for vacation. I’m much, much too exhausted to think about writing in german, too many cases and articles to think about.  My head is still spinning from all of the cool things which have appeared in my life in 2012. This year has been so exciting with many new projects and business ideas. The most exciting of all has been meeting so many creative friends through my SU business. Who would have thought that after 4 months things would be moving along this quickly. Suprises never cease! Just need to decide which projects I will be bringing with me while dangling my feet in the ocean so blue.

I will definitely be working on fun things for my workshops coming up in August. On the 12th of August I will be hosting a workshop on „Stamping Techniques“ and on the 26th of August a  „Scrapbooking ABC“  workshop. We will be making an „Explosion Box“ . The theme will be: „About me!“ For more details…check out my flyer!  It’s in german!!!!  Send me an email, I will definitely answer in german if you wish.  No problem, by then I should be relaxed and ready to deal with german language cases and articles.

Best wishes,

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


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