When I told my son this morning that the computer had a „day off“ today, I thought that I was heading for a BIG „discussion“ !

And then when I heard that my son went to the telephone to call his very cool „almost teen“ friends, I though he might be trying to find a house where the computer didn’t have a „day-off“. But then the doorbell rang and his friends came in and marched up to his very cool teenage room and closed the door.  Within seconds I heard a crash and went upstairs to see what had happened.

My almost-teenager and his all-to-cool friends had had a nostalgic moment!

And this is what I found…

Lego kiste.1jpgLaughing, happy, goofy „not-so-cool“ kids having a wonderful time!

Hooray for LEGO!

Lego kisteI am sooo glad that during the „I’m too big for that – clean-up“, that this „Chest of Miracles“ just got shoved in a corner and did not wander into the attic like the rest of his childhood favorites. I saw to it that his wooden trains also stayed in his room in a box. Hmmmm, ?  But that would be too much to hope for, I suppose!


Cynthia, (Mom) „Stempelwalkuere“


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