Project Life 1 Hamburger cHere ist my first try with „Project Life“ Everyday Adventures Kit! A revolutionary way to do „Memory Keeping“!

Project Life 1 Hamburger a Soooo easy! No muss, no fuss and in no time at all – FINISHED! Ta-Daaaa! I did not have to cut anything, I did not even use adhesive, just placed my photos and pre-cut Project Life cards into the pockets!

Project Life 1 Hamburger bWhat I liked the best was, that I had my cute little box of coordinated supplies, a few fotos (which usually just live on my computer hard drive) and that was it!  I did not have to pull apart my whole craft room to do a great project!

Project Life 1 Hamburger 6Sometimes I decide not to do a project just because I know, I won’t have time to clean up the chaos when I am finished. And sometimes I just can not decide which of my fabulous Design Series Papers I want to use. Here, if I make something and decide that I prefer to use another design, I just take it out of the pocket and put it back it the cute little box to use later! No waste, no guilt!!! Can not wait to do my next „Project Life“ page.

If you have a limited amout of creative time and alot of great memories all organized in boxes in your bedroom closet and fotos which live primarly in a file on your computer, then perhaps is this a great system for you!   If you are interested in finding out more, send me a mail or sign up for a workshop! Begining June 10th you can purchuse this great kit from me. Matching cards, stamp sets, stickers, journaling pens and fantastic new Project Life Framelits for die cutting!

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


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