Got the „Craft-Bug“???

I caught the „Craft-Bug“ about 20 years ago and it hasn’t let go since! I found this door knob warning perfect for my craftroom! It reminds all who enter, that crafting is contagious! First, I had it on my door, then I decided a better place would be in front of my window to cover-up the mess going on outside in the garden.  My husband decided to work on the birthday present he „gave“ me 5 years ago, as we bought the house. I was „suppose“ to get a beautiful flower terrace on the hang outside my craftroom window.  So far all I can see is that the spiders have been busy building cobwebs, a bull frog with a bass voice sings regularly and a tiny field mouse has found a great place to hang out!  The mouse comes and visits (scares)  me at night when I am sitting by my window working.  The first time he scratched on the window we both nearly jumped through the roof! Now we have a deal „I won’t scream, if don’t scream! 😀

I sort of like his visits now!

Hope to get a picture of him…he is quite cute for a rodent!

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalkuere“

Sign for door knob-Stempelwalkuere 1

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