Economy is definitely my theme this week! The old saying:“ Waste not, want not!“ seems to apply to many areas of my life.  I could not begin the many new projects I have to do until my craft room was a „wee bit“ tidier then it has been since my last xmas exhibition. Sooo, instead of shoveling everything in a big box and labeling it „Stuff““,  I decided to check out what I really had. And this is what I discovered: I have an ENORMOUS amount of paper scraps! No doubt, I love paper, but is was getting out of hand. Soooo, here is what I did…

I sorrted it, Economy 1

I punched it out.

Economy 2

And I packed it up in little baggies…

Economy 4

And punched and packed some more. I pretended I was having loads of fun so that my kid would want to help me.

Economy 5

Which he did, for a while, until he realized that it was not as „fun“ as it seemed to be at first, so I was on my own again, punching away. After bagging all of my punched goodies, I started on the millions of thin strips of paper I refused to throw away.

Economy 3

I decided to make them directly into embellishments I can use for making decorations and adding that extra something to gifts  this season!

I love that I can find a good use for even the tiniest scrap! Now I need a HUGE cup of coffee! 😀

Have a nice day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalwalküre“

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