Sweet as can Fry box Stempelwalküre 3

Here is a fun way to give one of my favorite sweets!  Mozart Kugeln! (To tell the truth, my teeth hurt when I even look at them now! )  I can not tell you how many of these I ate while I was a student in New York City. Many of the students who studied at the Music Conservatory also had part-time jobs at the Metropolitan Opera gift shop. One of the perks for us working at the gift shop was a discount on shop items. Like many of the other singers who worked in the shop, I bought recordings, opera scores. AND an enormous amount of MOZART-KUGELN!!! Perhaps I somehow thought that I would sing better after eating a few! 😀 Sometimes when business was slow in the shop during the performances, I would pop a few in my mouth and enjoy the combination of chocolate and marzipan melting in my mouth! Mmmmmm! Once I did not hear the GONG telling us that the intermission had begun and that the audience of opera goers would be soon storming the gift shop. As one could imagine…it is incredibly difficult it is to wait on customers with a mouth full of Mozart chocolates. 😀 ! Live and learn!

Sweet as can Fry box Stempelwalküre 2

Love this cute little Fry-Box! I am still working on using up some of my collected retired design papers, mixing them with the new papers.

I guess this little gift could be for the fall or winter season! I used fall leaves and christmas colors.  There is really no „right“ or „wrong“ That is what makes it so much fun to craft, you just start with a few materials and see where they lead you!

Have a nice day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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