Stempelwalküre DL Tanne Card 2

Simple elegant card in DL size!  😀 !

I just love making long cards!  They cost the same amount of postage, but oooh what a lovely difference the sleek shape makes!

Stempelwalküre DL Tanne Card 1

Being as stingy as I am with my specialty papers, I refused to throw away the 1″ x  2″ pieces of watercolour card that I had as „leftovers“ from a recent aquarelle project. After I decided to use small scraps to make my card, I had then the task of looking for some stamps with small designs, but could not find any that suited my taste for what I had in mind. Soooo… I just went back to my favorite tree stamp and instead of stamping the whole tree, I just stamped the tree tops and inked-up only the top 1/3 of the stamp!  I am just thrilled with the way it turned out! Not only was I thrifty with my card scraps, and ink, but I was able to find a new way to use my  favorite stamp!

Stempelwalküre DL Tanne Card 2

I hope you like my project today. For those of you who feel inspired to go out and create and would like to meet with other creative people on a regular basis…then you may want to consider getting a starter set and joining my group of paper crafters! January is a particularly great time to get your Starter Set through me!  Begining January 5th, you can get a Starter Set worth 220,00 Euros and pay ONLY € 129,00!!!!!


Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


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