It all began very innocently a few years ago…just a few Stampin‘ Demos living in different parts of Germany sharing an apartment in Brussels for the Stampin‘ Up Convention! We had such a wonderful time not only at the convention, but a big round of fun at breakfast in the mornings, midnight swap contests and crafty pyjama parties!  It was such a blast, that we could’nt imagine not repeating it the next year! And so we did it again the following year and organized it so that everyone brought a workshop project to share and make in the evenings after supper into the wee hours of the morning! You can not imagine how difficult it is to score 3/16 of an inch after midnight!

This year we will not be going to SU „On Stage Live“ in Australia, it is a little too far away.  But we will be in Düsseldorf for „On Stage Local“ with our baskets full of swaps.  In the meantime, we have decided to take turns repeating the fun here at home and visit each other’s crafty domain!

I was the first to invite my Brussel-Roomates!

Team Brüssel Treff 1 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

It was after midnight…my household sleeping… swaps, special guest goodies, all ready for the storm of ideas and creativity to share in the morning! Unfortunately, not all of us could make it…but we prepared goodie packages to be delivered!

Team Brüssel Treff 14 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Quiet before the storm!

(I won’t be showing all of our projects because I am sure that everyone would like to show their own creations on their own FB pages and blogs!) 😀

Team Brüssel Treff 13 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Package for our dear Stampin‘ friend who had to work yesterday!

Team Brüssel Treff 12 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Some special guest goodies from yours truly!  😀 The personalised egg warmer and a small upright cylinder box which I adjusted in size and theme from a  Xmas package made by my dearest Helga Hopen!

Team Brüssel Treff 11 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Here is my gift for my Stampin‘ Friends!  It is a sign for their „Craft Domain“ which each of them can hang on their door when they are creating and do not wish to be disturbed!  Or to mark off their territory when sharing crafting space, to deter territorial disputes, like „Exactly how much of the dining room table is designated for stamping!“ 😀 (giggle)

Team Brüssel Treff 9 by Stempelwalküre 5. MärzTeam Brüssel Treff 8 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

As I began my project at the begining of February this lovely Designpaper was a free gift with any purschase of 60 Euros or more Stampin‘ Up product!  I really love it! Unfortunately it is no longer available! I am so happy that I made a long lasting gift, that I can keep and look at everyday! 😀 Of course I made one for my own craftroom door too!

Team Brüssel Treff 5 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Team Brüssel Treff 4 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

After a great breakfast buffet, we began swaping and working on the various workshop projects which everyone brought with them! Incredible ideas not only for „Crafters“ but techniques for „Artists“too ! ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!! WOW! You are all terrific!

Team Brüssel Treff 15 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

#stampinfriends #concentrated  #inspired

Team Brüssel Treff 17 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Another round of „creative play“ after a coffee break with rubarb crumble (my dad’s recipe) and my favorite…“Krispy Kreme“ donuts which Melanie brought with her, the taste quickly returned me to my childhood! Thanks Melanie, for that sweet-tooth nostalgie!

Team Brüssel Treff 16 by Stempelwalküre 5. März

Mel needs more coffee… Tanja perhaps less… Becky still completely concentrated as Claire and Marcus are trying to figure out why I scored all of my measurments backwards! As a lefty, this seems to be my destiny in life! (hrumph)

After a wonderful evening buffet of home made salads galore, chili and desserts to knock your socks off!( My husband made his donation of mousse au chocolat and was kind enough to take over the kitchen mess!)After devouring Marcus’s  „Mango-Vanilla-Cream-Dream“ naturally  and impecably decorated in Stampin‘ Up style, it came time to say „Farewell“. 😦



As you can see, I was so full that I couldn’t stand anymore!  Luckily my friends were there to give me a hand and help me to my feet again! I am sure that you will be seeing the other projects we created coming soon on our various blogs, FB pages and Co.

Hope you enjoyed my article and a glimps of my stampin‘ friendships! Thanks everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“



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