Hyacinth Stempelwalküre 1d

Most of my projects are quite easy and not too time consuming.  I did make an exception as I decided that I needed a few „wow“ projects for my catalogue party at the beginning of June.

Hyacinth Stempelwalküre 1c

This bouquet was a weekend project.  One of those projects that you sit evenings in front of the television with your family and snip,cut and paste like, little pieces over and over again.

Hyacinth Stempelwalküre 1e

Here, I was busy cutting with my fringe scissors little strips of cardstock, quilling each petal individually, then wrapping them around the paper stems.

Hyacinth Stempelwalküre 1b

I truly love the effect and can really say that it was worth taking a little more time to make!

Hyacinth Stempelwalküre 1

Hope that you enjoy my project!

Have a wonderful day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


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