Re-Loved Desk Caddy Stempelwalküre

After making a tuna salad for lunch, I was washing up and was rinsing out the cans of tuna, peas, and corn to put them in the recycling bin. My trash bin was a little full, well let us say, „slightly“ over-flowing (to put it mildly :-O). Sooo… I just washed the cans out and let them dry on the kitchen counter.

Re-Loved Desk Caddy5 Stempelwalküre

The next day I decided to make chili for lunch, and yet another can sat on my counter „waiting“ to be thrown out…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy8 Stempelwalküre

I removed the paper labels unconsciously as I spoke to my girlfriend on the phone …

IRe-Loved Desk Caddy7 Stempelwalküre

I picked, picked and picked some more at the stringy glue until it stuck no more…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy6 Stempelwalküre

All of a sudden.these small silver aluminum cans started to look pretty interesting..hmmm….

Re-Loved Desk Caddy5 Stempelwalküre

After all, I had invested already 10 whole minutes cleaning them…I couldn’t just discard them, now could I ? 😀

Re-Loved Desk Caddy3 Stempelwalküre

Well, instead of landing in the garage with the other recyclable stuff, these little silver beauties did finally end up on the my craft table!

Re-Loved Desk Caddy Stempelwalküre

Within minutes they were dressed in some gorgeous design paper and adorned with ribbons…

Re-Loved Desk Caddy2 Stempelwalküre

I decided to attach them together with Velcro and have found a prominent place on my desk!

What pleasure it is to find a way to re-love items which you have just laying around your house! YAY! Creativity is in the air! My dear friend Maggie Quack has also some beautiful re-loved items for school kids on her blog this month. Take a peek

Hope you have a nice day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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