These little pocket address books are cute little re-loved items which I have salvaged from the back of the ugly plastic covered calenders you get as a present every year from your bank or local businesses. After the year is over, and the poor little un-used calender is discarded, you can still remove the little address book and jazz it up, just for fun!


Of course in the age of smart phones, many of us do not use an address book as frequently. I do find one useful to keep things a little orderly which I do not want to type into my phone, like my son’s school friends and PTA commitee members contact information. I even have a book with my old pen pals, and people I write letters to more frequently via snail mail!


I  have one little book with family information in my night table, just in case!  I think it is a cute way to keep my addresses and looks nice sitting on my desk! I guess what I am saying is that I am a wee bit old fashioned…so be it!

Have a nice stress-free weekend!

Just a reminder: Tommorrow at 15:00-17:30 is my Catalogue Launch Cafe“ send me a quick email if you want to stop by and I will put on another fresh pot of coffee!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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