Stempelwalküre „Endless Wedding Card“


I love making these seemingly complicated endless cards.  Actually, they are quite simple to make, although it does take a little time to decorate because of all the lovely surfaces to to fill with gorgeous design paper and embelishments!


I did alot of mixing and matching…which was incredibly easy with the array of coordinating stamp sets, papers and Thinlits!!!


I adore the new detailed Thinlits . They make everything look really so special.


I even found a place to slip in a cute SAB banner…


Too fun for words!  I love watching someone open an endless card for the first time! Their expression speaks volumes.  Suprises with every flip! YAY!


I have been making lots of wedding invites, cards, table decorations and goodies lately and there are soooo many gorgeous things to choose from at the moment that it is difficult to guide a bride in one direction or another. It is all so very lovely!


I hope you like my card today.  It is a great way to use all of my design paper scraps, as I can not bring myself to throw anything away. (Not even the tiniest of scraps 😀 )  Feeling very virtuous when I can find a way to be economic.


And here we are back at the begining again..

Have a lovely evening!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“



2 Gedanken zu „Stempelwalküre „Endless Wedding Card“

  1. Hallo Cynthia,
    die zarten Pastelltöne sind immer passend für eine Hochzeit. Und wer noch keine Endloskarte gesehen hat, der ist immer wieder aufs Neue davon fasziniert.
    Lieben Gruß von Ute 🙂

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