With the sky so dark and a chilly wind blowing through my pyjamas, I decided to scratch the idea of starting my day on the balcony with my favourite cup in hand, filled to the brim with my caramel coloured concoction. I’ll just have to take my fresh brewed coffee back inside and have breakfast on the kitchen table. Hrumpf!

As I remember from living in San Francisco in the 80’s, there is still hope that the storm will blow over in a matter of hours and the fog will burn off to reveal a fabulously sunny afternoon! In the meantime…I thought I would use the opportunity to make a simple card! Even with the very few things I have brought with me in my suitcase, I am able to create something which pleases my creative eye. I am always astonished how little one really needs to make something pretty.

This watercolor card was made in just a few minutes with only 1 stamp, ink, paper and of course water!

I just took a little scrap of leftover watercolor paper that I had laying around from my last project. I tapped a few ink pads directly on my acrylic block and sprayed it with water, then applying it to dry watercolor paper.  I let it dry for a few minutes and then sprayed water on my rubber stamp and stamped onto the dried ink removing some of the color to create the batik background.

After I let in dry for a minute or two again, I took the very same stamp and stamped over the card with ink in two colors.  The base card was stamped in the same color to give it a little watermark touch. This gives a layered effect without adding weight, therefore a postage friendly version. I thought that this would be a great card for an autumn wedding, birthday or anniversary.

Hope you like my little technique card!

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stemeplwalküre“

P.S. The sun is out again…time for a little sand between my toes!


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