WHISPER WHITE, whisper white,

what a lovely name for a piece of white card stock! You are an artist’s „playground“ and an artist’s „curse“. Sometimes you whisper incredible things to me, wild ideas and colors longing to be splashed across your pristine surface. And sometimes, you make me struggle to hear your whisper, mocking my impatience by remaining completely silent! But  once I am bold enough to play with you, my little friend, (even when you are not speaking to me) you can not help but play with me by exploding with color, texture, form and.daring me to put my mark upon you. Then, as if nothing had come between us, lovingly, you carry a message from my heart!

The End

So my crafter friends, be bold, open your heart today and pour it out onto your paper. It is sure to be an exceptional and unique expression of you. 
Absolutely perfect in itself!

Have fun today!

Cynthia „Stempelwalkuere“

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