Hello Baby!

Here is a present that I made for one of my students who just had a baby girl! I was very happy to visit mommy and meet her beautiful 10 day old little daughter!

Hello baby, Yi Lang Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production  teddy bear Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang close up Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production 2 Stempelwalkuere.comIt took me a while to color and cut out all of the little bears.  I am sooo spoiled by punches. Crrrunch and all finished! Oh, well can’t have a punch for every image or shape. (Or can I ??? 😀 !)

Have a great day!

P.S. I am having an english phase at the moment, „bear“ with me and I will write again in german this week!

Ich habe momentan meine „Englische Phase“ Habt Geduld, ich werde diese Woche wieder auf Deutsch scheiben! 😀 !


2 Gedanken zu „Hello Baby!

  1. Wunderschön! Ich bin total entzückt von der Idee mit der Kommode, und dem Bärchen, das da oben raus schaut ❤ !!
    Das möchte ich mir unbedingt merken um es selbst bei Bedarf mal in ähnlicher Art und Weise nach zu basteln! Voll schön!!
    und deine Englischphase darf ruhig weitergehen, i love to read english once in a while! It´s almost 20 years since I read all those english books and had some english speaking friends around – sometimes I miss those times!

    Greetings and blessings from

    heike ( die deinen Blog schon länger verfolgt, aber ich habe glaub ich noch nie einen Kommentar hier hinterlassen).

  2. Hello Heike,
    I thought that I might answer you in english since you said that my english-phase was not sooo bad! Thank you for the enthusiasm for my baby cards. It was not my idea, but I saw the idea many years ago in a magazine or at least something which resembled them. You should definitely try it out. They were quick and cute! Thank you for visiting my Blog! Come back again soon!
    Warm wishes,
    Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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