Zoo Babies!

I have been sorting out the old stamps to make room for the new stamps in the Sale-a- bration broschure and the New Spring/Summer Occasions Catalogue coming out at the end of the month. As I was cleaning and sorting I came across, (to my great dismay! 😦 ) that I had stamp sets that were retired that I had not even put together, let alone used!  Well, I could not leave this situation unattended, so I decided to stop my mission to clean out my space (just for a moment, you understand! 😀 ) to stamp with my poor, neglected stamp sets!

zoo babies 1aI, of course, couldn’t just stop at making one card with just one little stamp…oh, no!

So the „few moments“, alotted myself as a break from my „Craft Room Clean-up Mission“ turned into about a 2 hour stamping frenzy!

zoo babies 1bzoo babies 1czoo babies 1dzoo babies 1ezoo babies 1fToday I will take a look to see if I have neglected any other POOR little stamp sets, and let you know.

REMINDER!!!!  The first „Technique Tuesday“ (Technik Dienstag)  is on Tuesday, January 7th at 19:00!!

Reserve your place at my table soon! „Sneak Peek Project“ for Technique Tuesday, soon to be revealed!

Have a great day!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“


Hello Baby!

Here is a present that I made for one of my students who just had a baby girl! I was very happy to visit mommy and meet her beautiful 10 day old little daughter!

Hello baby, Yi Lang Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production  teddy bear Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang close up Stempelwalkuere.comHello baby, Yi Lang production 2 Stempelwalkuere.comIt took me a while to color and cut out all of the little bears.  I am sooo spoiled by punches. Crrrunch and all finished! Oh, well can’t have a punch for every image or shape. (Or can I ??? 😀 !)

Have a great day!

P.S. I am having an english phase at the moment, „bear“ with me and I will write again in german this week!

Ich habe momentan meine „Englische Phase“ Habt Geduld, ich werde diese Woche wieder auf Deutsch scheiben! 😀 !



Here are the „Explosion Boxes“ before the „Big Bang“ ! 😀

At this special workshop every guest got to chose their own individual project! They gave me their color scheme and I put together a workshop kit with the gorgeous double-sided Stampin‘ Up Designs with each guest in mind! Love the Colors!!!!

Explosion „Birthday-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Travel-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Wedding-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Baby-Box-Kit“

I think everyone had a good time creating something different!

I certainly did!!!

After we made the boxes we started decorating them using punches and of course the beautiful stamps! Here is a picture of one of my favorite stampin‘ girls place after she was finished!I (I won’t be naming names, she knows who she is.) I hope she doesn’t kill me for exposing her! At least it wasn’t me for a change, who made this creative mess! I  LOVE IT!  Had to take a picture!

Have a great day!


Künstlerische Ausflüge (beyond my „comfort-zone“)

Ich war in der letzen Zeit „very busy“ und hatte keine Zeit um etwas zu schreiben. Ich wollte schon längst etwas lustiges in meinem neuen Blog schreiben, aber ich kam vor lauter Bastelworkshops und Karten-Aufträgen nicht zum posten. Ich werde aber jetzt ein bißchen von dem, was mich beschäftigt hat, zeigen!

Sommerzeit kommt und mit den schönen sonnigen Tagen auch viele Hochzeiten. Auch viele Babies werden geboren (ich nehme an, ein direktes Resultat von den vergangenen kuschligen Herbst- und Wintertagen). Ich habe ganz viele Baby- und Hochzeits-Karten kreiert. Es hat mir großen Spaß gemacht, mir vorzustellen, was Anderen gut gefallen würde. Bin immer wieder überrascht, was für unterschiedlich Geschmäcker es gibt. Ich habe versucht ein bißchen ausserhalb von meiner „comfort-zone“ zu arbeiten.

Eine kleine Auswahl der Hochzeits-Karten:

Eine kleine Auswahl der Baby-Karten: