Here are a few projects we made in my „Technique Tuesday“ EPB Workshop! We were sooo busy we just had enough time to make the boxes. We mostly concentrated on the „How to’s and „Tips and Tricks“.  We did not even have enough time to really decorate all of the boxes, so I finished mine this morning!


We had a lovely time making our mistakes, pulling things apart and putting them bach together again! Rounding out the caved-in „Bon-Bons“

One of the main things we discovered is, that it is important to get a feel for how much pressure one uses while scoring DSP. The answer we collectively came up with was… not too much pressure at all! Otherwise you wind up „slicing“ your design paper instead of „scoring“ it! :-D!

As I was practicing, I said ooops, quite a few times before I got it just right.mostly because of my own impatience and no fault of the DSP or the envelope punch board!



Many thanks to the ladies last night for a very fun evening! (Vielen Dank Madels, für eine lustige Runde gestern abend!)

Best wishes,

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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