oh happy day1Here is a card that I made for a customer yesterday.  She wanted to make her own wedding invitations. She brought me an example which she thought might work for her. And we worked with it a bit and came up with this card.

oh happy day2I really like the result and thought it might also serve as a lovely birthday greeting or thank you card! After speaking with the bride to be, I discovered that the original idea came from an outspoken Stampin‘-Up-Sister who has a terribly interesting blog called „puenktchenstempel.de“ So for those of you german speakers, who like a „tongue in cheek“ type of crafty humor, I can recommend giving Nadine Teiner a visit!

oh happy day3I wish you all a very happy day!

Cynthia  „Stempelwalküre“

Ein Gedanke zu “Happy Day!

  1. Hallo Cynthia!
    Die Karte ist wirklich wundervoll geraten!!! Have to make something simular this weekend! Love it!!
    Bei „Pünktchenstempel“ gucke ich schon seit langem öfters vorbei, weil ich vor allem ihren Humor mag! 🙂 Ihr seid beide auf meiner „Öfter-vorbei-gucken-Liste“! 🙂 🙂
    Tini (bin sonst eine stille Leserin…)

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