Reste verwertung! 1

Today is my official personal „Organize my paper-scraps-day!“ I stayed up late to gather design paper treasures out of all of their hiding places in my house, organize the ones I will use and part with the rest! (Ha-Ha ! What a joke!)

Reste verwertung! 2 In the end, I have divided them into size catagories large, (1/4 of a sheet or larger which are then divided  by color and put away) medium, (a card size, put in a box on top of my desk to be used immediately) small, (something I could use with a punch to make a tag or embellishment) and lastly the strips of design paper which are too long and thin and keep getting in the way. With the long strips (which are not already chewed up) I make rosettes for decorating gift boxes and gifts! What I do not finish in the next  24 hours will be given to an elementary school or sadly trashed. I have found that too many scraps, block my creativity and slow me down.

I know some of you crafters are crying now.(sniffle, sniffle)

If you are feeling the urge for a „Paper Rescue“ coming on…the paper trash is collected on Thursdays on our street and I put it out late on Wednesday night, so I won`t be looking out the window if I hear someone outside digging in the trash! 😀 (Just try not to whoop and holler if you find that perfect scrap of design paper that you have been searching for to complete your latest scrapbook layout…my neighbors would probably not understand and I do not want to have to try to help you explain to the police about your scrapbooking-paper-fetish after Midnight !)  :-D!

Reste verwertung george and me

Speaking of after midnight, it was a very long night, last night. I am looking and feeling pretty tired. George is already snoring on my lap! Nap time !!!! Tomorrow a fresh, clean start on an EMPTY craft table! (Wish me luck!)

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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