Remrandt, Koh-i-Noor, Sennelier

Just the look of all this color in front of me is so inspiring! It doesn’t seem to matter which art supplies or mediums I encounter, the colors and the variety make my heart pound and my imagination soar. Boundless possibility and endless choice. “Choice” is often the big crisis- causing element which stifles my roaring engines at the beginning of any particular project. Many artists encounter fear of the blank page and the procrastination paces. I compare this to the little child who does not want to go to bed and gets up 3 times to ask for a bedtime story, a glass of water and anything else to push back the inevitable. Unfortunately, this procrastination stage always seems to leave room for the doubts to creep in! The Should-a, Could-a, Would-a ‘s come to visit and screw up the initial time plan. With limited time for creative hobbies and endeavors, this can be a determining factor in whether a project is realized or not.

To get through this ominous, let’s call it “cloud of doubt” phase and bridge the abyss from inspiration to fruition, I have developed a few steps to trick myself into beginning without too many stumbling and delay maneuvers 🙂

1. Guilt removal- I clean any dishes left in the sink, fold clean laundry and answer emails.

2. Go to the loo! Amazing, how I have to “go”, as soon as I want to begin a project!!!

3. Prepare a bottle of water, coffee or snack to have at hand while working. Amazingly, I always seem to “need” something, when I do not have it, but completely ignore, if it is on hand!

Remove the “blank” from the page!

Take your favorite colors and scribble , paint, spray, wash all over your blank page and then find a way to deal with it or incorporate the mess…

Good luck with you next project and thanks for stopping by!

Stempelwalküre alias Cynthia