I read somewhere recently (and I am paraphrasing) that „craft“ is something that can be taught and that „art“ is a magical gift of the gods.

Dune Scape Stempelwalküre Cynthia 15. February 2022

This has taken about a week.

3 days – thinking about doing the pastel painting

1 day – observing the wonderful artist Karen Margulis demonstrating the „CRAFTing“ part (color palette, strokes, underpainting)

1 day – observing the „ARTing“ part (movement, style, thoughts about flow and personal artistic timing, rhythm.

1 day – Beginning execution of under-painting looked something like this : twice giving up and then starting over the 3rd time, finishing underpainting and walking away after a few strokes, leaving it over night and finally giving up once more to revisit the next morning .

And on the seventh day!!! -Deep breathes…push to end!

It is naturally impossible to copy anyone else’s work, but very easy to discern the diffence between craft, art and personal style (A little tough to free myself from the example because I am a good mimic . Which I often do, before digesting something, to be able to allow myself space for interpretation.)

As most of you know, I tend to relate nearly all art making to singing . It is a smoother process, as it is familiar to me .

I have only been working with pastels for a few months but it has been really so much fun. I can hardly wait to see what’s next!!!

I hope you enjoyed following my musings today. Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy lives to stop by and visit.

Kind regards,

Cynthia “Stempelwalküre”