Letting go of the statement.

Suggesting the colour of sand…Stempelwalküre 26.02.22

Here below, my painting process in reverse with lots of stopping and starting, walking (running 😀 ) away to step back out of the artist role.

Hmmm…time to take a walk and come back later with fresh eyes.

As I began this painting, unbeknownst to me in any conscious way, I was already fretting about what others might think of my painting. Mind you, this painting, although finished in my head, did not yet exist on our physical plane. I was considering the “less helpful” things that artists are somehow predestined to think. I am not talking about how to lead the viewers eye around the painting, arrangement or focal point. I was not even thinking about suggesting forms and colours for the mind’s eye to recognize as familiar ordinary objects. I was spending a huge amount of energy on the one aspect completely out of my control. Will the viewer understand, “like” or the ultimate, be moved in some way by what they see. I am of course acutely aware that efforts in this direction are most completely useless and only enhance my regular battle with procrastination.

This unhelpful (yet so familiar) attitude often leads me to a form of selective censorship of my own work, which negates the ordinary (natural) human voice even before making my first marks.

In my ever constant effort to avoid treacherous territory and enjoy doing art, I offer the simple theory that it is perhaps not my artistic responsibility to make some “important” statement with art, but to invite the viewer in, to experience what they will, and move on. ; )

Thanks to Karen Margulis for great instruction and to you all for checking in today.

Have a good day!

Cynthia “Stempelwalküre”