Making marks using nature’s endless exquisit forms as inspiration

Two of the many things I have become aware of while delving into my “new materials” are the variety of expressive marks possible and the bountiful inspiration that nature provides to use a small stick of pastel. Of course one small stick is never enough. Collecting them is quite addictive!!! If I keep “adding” to my collection of these lovely little sticks, we may be eating Mac & Cheese for a month : O ) No risk, no FUN!

Although is seems quite obvious that using more or less pressure and varied combinations thereof, will produce an enormous range of expressive marks, it is easier said than done! For example laying the whole pastel on its side or just using a tiny edge is another effective tool but the technical difficulties lie in decision making and not the mark itself. Choosing which mark to make to represent that which you intend, can be, let’s say, “more involved”. Like I often say to my singing students once they have established their material and tools, making a good plan which considers movement, direction and style is absolutely key to achieving one’s goals. : D

Here are my process pics from the beginning:

This was really a fun study which helped me identify quite a few new aspects of pastel painting. This project was realized and inspired by tutorial and reference photo from artist, Karen Margulis.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with me!

Have a nice day!