Here are the „Explosion Boxes“ before the „Big Bang“ ! 😀

At this special workshop every guest got to chose their own individual project! They gave me their color scheme and I put together a workshop kit with the gorgeous double-sided Stampin‘ Up Designs with each guest in mind! Love the Colors!!!!

Explosion „Birthday-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Travel-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Wedding-Box-Kit“

Explosion „Baby-Box-Kit“

I think everyone had a good time creating something different!

I certainly did!!!

After we made the boxes we started decorating them using punches and of course the beautiful stamps! Here is a picture of one of my favorite stampin‘ girls place after she was finished!I (I won’t be naming names, she knows who she is.) I hope she doesn’t kill me for exposing her! At least it wasn’t me for a change, who made this creative mess! I  LOVE IT!  Had to take a picture!

Have a great day!


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