lost in the translation L. Kasparian Swap 2014 Brüssel

It all started with this one little swap I received from Linda Kasparian (lindakasparian@hotmail.co.uk ) a UK demonstrator at the Stampin‘ Up convention in Brussels in the middle of October. As I said before, I was on my way to France after Brussels and had very little space left in my suitcase for the over 100 swaped projects I received.  I was very grateful for each one, but with my already very heavy bags, I was a little more grateful for the smaller, flater swaps I received! :-D!

This was one of the ones which caught my eye immediately and I knew I would try it when I got home.  Which I did, and translated it into a standard size christmas card which I decided to use in my Chistmas Card Workshop in which we do 10 different cards in 10 different techniques and  deisgns!  I usually do this workshop on a Sunday every year at the begining of December.  It is really more of a „card marathon“ and not what we would call a workshop, but  I do warn everyone about the event before they sign up so the are ready to get down to „work“ right away as soon as they arrive!  lost in the translation Stempelwalküre copy L. Kasparian Swap 2014 Brüssel

Here is my translation of Lindas card, into standard size and with a sentiment in german. This was my prototype which I always make when preparing my workshops, so that my guests have something to look at while making their version of the card. During the workshop I make the card again, along with my guests, explaining the different stamping techniques as we go. For example, the „stamping off“ technique, when you ink your stamp first and then before you stamp your project, you make the first impression lightly onto scrap paper to get a lighter, more subtile stamped image on your card.  I used this card to demostrate a clean and simple stamped card for begining stampers. Well,  at least that is what I intended to do! But what happened about 3 hours into the class, was quite different to what I had planned.

As I was carefully stamping with black memento ink, without noticing my dainty little pinky must have dipped into the ink pad and made a BIG splotch on my card.  Being giddy and quite exhausted, (we had not gotten to the coffee break yet ) I, without thinking too long, grabbed my favorite SU stamp set „Gorgeous Grunge“ and tried to „fix it“! And this is what happened to my example of a „clean and simple“ card…

lost in the translation Stempelwalküre copy 2  L. Kasparian Swap 2014 Brüssel

Once I started, I just could not stop! And it became this messy monster card!

lost in the translation Stempelwalküre copy 3  L. Kasparian Swap 2014 Brüssel

lost in the translation Stempelwalküre copy 4  L. Kasparian Swap 2014 Brüssel

I kinda like it anyway. Sh-t happens! But it turned out to be nothing at all like the original. That’s what I tell my stampers all the time, share your ideas with others, be generous, the copy is never exactly the same as the original!!! 😀

Have a great holiday season! My next workshop is on Dec. 13th. For more info, just send me an email at stempelwalkuere@t-online.de

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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