Dove Collage Swap Stempelwalküre 3

Here is my swap from our team meeting.  It is a little different and artsy, using alternative stamp techniques.

Dove Collage Swap Stempelwalküre 2

I stamped onto design paper instead of white or vanille to give it a collage feeling and stamped the background with a relief technique using embossing powder and then rubbing over it with different colors of ink on a sponge. The embossed image resists the ink, leaving the embossed area white. A very cool look!!!

Dove Collage Swap Stempelwalküre 1

After taking a look at my card, I decided it needed a little creative „kick“, so I stamped dots to give my card a multi-media effect and then distressed the edges to add extra dimention, without making it too heavy or thick to send through the mail.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my project. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in expanding your own creativity by attending one of my future workshops or other creative events!

Have a nice Sunday!

Cynthia „Stempelwalküre“

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